DWC Personal Service - scott spencer and Conrad vickroy

Heritage and Customer Centricism

Formed in 1977 as Duane Whitlow & Co., Inc., our simple mission has been to make the customer the most important part of our business.  Not the product, not the vendor, but the relationship with the customer.  

Our early emphasis as an IT company was on disk, tape, and I/O devices.  (Yes, we've sold punch card machines)

In 1987, we entered the leasing market, with fair market leases of printers, controllers, and modems.  9600 baud modems were all the rage, but we were on the "bleeding edge" when 56KB became the standard1

In 1997, DWC entered the networking market, trading in ASCII devices and protocol converters.  Recognized we should have bought stock in Cisco (and not Wellfleet Routers) in 1991. Scott Spencer has led our expansion into ITAD, servers, and storage.

In 2006, instrumental in writing the code of ethics which governs our industry.  Conrad Vickroy served on the first Board of Directors for the trade association (UNEDA) which we helped to form.