Nexus Switches

Nexus N3K


Tremendous savings - up to 95%.  Think about what your organization could do with a Nexus N3K-C3064-PQ-10GE for under $2000 ! 

Nexus N5K


The Nexus 5500 series has been the workhorse of the brand.  

The 5600 series brings an even higher level of performance to your 10GB and higher needs

Nexus N7K and N9K


Why not bring datacenter level equipment to your business, without cost driving the control of your department to a cloud provider?  Nexus 7k and 9k gear offers great savings and unbelievable performance.  

Currently, Nexus 5548p's are under $2000!


Amazing that $25000 machines trade for so little on the green market!   # n5k-c5548

Storage as well!


Ask us about populating your SAN.  We offer products from EMC, NetApp, and more!  

Don't forget the cables and optics


The equivalent of "the last mile" is too often the thing that is overlooked in an installation.  Think it through with us and let's avoid that 5:30 call!